Pastor’s Corner

Welcome to Precious Blood Picnic

Welcome to our Picnic!

To all our guests we extend our Precious Blood hospitality. Throughout the year Parishioners have been working on crafting the beautiful quilts. Each is made with love and crafted as our quilting crew share in their fellowship. The great weather provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy our home style dinner. Parishioners have been baking cakes, gathering tomatoes and green peppers.

Once again, we have the country store filled with many homemade items. For all of you who are feeling lucky, try out Bingo located in the gym. While you are there you can stroll around and place your bids on the silent auction items.

There are plenty of games for the young and young at heart. Outdoor stands are filled with tasteful treats. Of course, everyone wants a chance to win a quilt or some cold cash. We hope you enjoy your time at Precious Blood.

A BIG THANK YOU to all our parishioners and staff who have worked so well to make this another success. We ap-preciate your continued efforts to help make Precious Blood the amazing Parish that it is today and for sharing our blessing with all those who joined us this weekend. A special thanks to all of the Chairpersons. Your direction made the picnic run smooth. Most of all we give thanks to our Lord for the many blessings that He has bestowed upon us. We give praise and glory to You God our Father.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Gary


New School Year

Dear Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff, School Council

and PTO:

Thank you for making the first day of the 20182019

school year a great start. Ms. Seng and Mr. Temple thanks

for welcoming the students, I am looking forward to our

first All School Mass and seeing the smiling faces on all

the students, a sight I had missed all summer, welcome

back!! So much goes on behind the scenes getting the

rooms and facility ready thanks to all who made this a great


As I have mentioned to you all Benedict, my dog, is a service

dog. He will join me as I visit the classrooms. All of

the Greater Jasper schools are blessed to have therapy dogs

and we will have one as well. He was born on July 7th and

I will get him in September. So get ready teachers

I leave all of you with this quote and my prayers.

“Children are always the only future the human race has;

teach them well!

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Gary



Guten Tag!!

It is that time of year again. I pray you have enjoyed the Strassenfest. Sunday will be the parade. I hope to see you there. Throughout the Summer much has been happening on the East, Central and West Campuses.  Much activity has already taken place including the Strassenfest festival and Wettlauff.

Holy Trinity’s “float” is following the theme of “The Best is Yet to Come,” honoring the forty year history of the Strassenfest. Throughout our community’s history Catholic Education has played a huge part.  All of our county parishes support our ministry in Catholic Education.  Sunday afternoon we will walk with pride to honor all the sacrifices so many have made for Catholic Education in our community.  Students and parents are welcome to come and join Mr. Temple, Mrs. Seng and myself in walking in the Strassenfest Parade!  Meet at 15th and Vine around 12:30 sporting your Holy Trinity Spirit Wear and walking shoes. Be ready to hand out goodies to the crowd!  See you all at the Square celebrate and be safe.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Gary


Building and Grounds Update

Dear Parishioners,
Update on the Building and Grounds of Precious Blood
Parish. You may have noticed work being done on the roof
in the new section above the Parish offices and new classrooms.
It is hard to believe but the roof is 20 years old. It
needed replaced. Also, we will have annual maintenance to
the roof above the Church. The Building and Grounds
Committee, Finance Committee and Parish Council have
approved the work to be completed.
We as a Parish need to hear of the benefit that we gain from
the efforts of our benefactors that have contributed
throughout the years. I would like to thank all who have
guided me in the good counsel to make wise decisions for
the benefit of Precious Blood. I deeply appreciate your
commitment to Precious Blood. May God bless you for
your assistance.
Fr. Gary