Pastor’s Corner

New Parish Council Members

Dear Parishioners,

We have two new Parish Council members, Susan

Ahlbrand and Greg Williams. I ask that you continue to

keep them, and all of the Parish Council members, in your


The Parish Council is crucial in helping me make decisions

about how to handle different administration issues for Precious

Blood. The council is a consultative council and the

members represent the Parish and serves as a voice for all


The members which they replaced include: Scotty Munning,

Curtis Sternberg, Steve Uhl, and Sue Habig. These

men and women served and helped make decisions that

were difficult, but allowed us to make decisions for the

good of the whole. Their leadership, dialog and teamwork

are to be commended. Please thank the Council members

who are stepping down and congratulate our newest members.

I offer blessings to our current Parish Council and to

all who have served on the council in the past.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Gary



Monte Casino

Dear Parishioners,

During the months of May and October Saint Meinrad hosts

pilgrimages to Monte Casino. At 3:00 Eastern Time a Rosary

and procession is held. People come from near and far.

If you have not attended, I would encourage you to do so.

The setting is beautiful. Recently the Monastery renovated

the chapel. It is amazing.

If you can not attend the pilgrimage, I encourage you to

pray the Rosary during this month. Pray for peace, pray for

conversion of sinners, pray for our Church, pray for your

family and pray for Mary to intercede for you.


Adoration Chapel

Dear Parishioners,

This week I asked the school children how can we best follow

Jesus. They responded by praying and talking to Him. It is rather

simple. If we want to go to heaven, don’t you think we should get

to know God and spend time with him? After all, if He gave His

life for all of us, I think we can at least spend one hour a week

with him.

The Blessed Sacrament MUST always be adored when exposed.

We as Catholics believe the Blessed Sacrament can never be exposed

and left alone. That is one reason why we need to have all

hours filled at the Divine Providence Adoration Chapel.

“Why adore 24 hours/7 days a week?” I can not tell you how

many people call or stop by the Church and want to pray during a

crisis. Unfortunately, most churches are locked up and if they are

open the Eucharist is not exposed where you can see our God,


Another question is, “If someone has already signed up for an

hour, can I still go?” Yes! That is why we recently renovated the

Chapel. It now holds around 15 people. I have been there when I

am the only one. I have been there also when five others joined

me or 10 others joined me.

Some have asked, “Can I go and just pay a visit?” Sure, some

people stop by before going to work, offer a few prayers and then

head off to work. Sometimes, as I go to meet a staff member in

the Parish Center, I stop by the Chapel, say a short praye and go

my way. It is a simple hello to Jesus.

Many people have asked “Can more than one person be assigned

to an hour?” Again yes. This allows additional back up and there

is always strength in numbers and that includes prayers!!

There is a team of laity from across the Dubois County area that

helps run the Divine Providence Chapel and coordinate all the

hours. Each day one or two people are responsible for making

certain the hours are filled. They help those signed get substitutes

if necessary. If there is a problem, they field the questions and if

needed I deal with it upon their request.

I you would like to sign up to be the second person for an hour,

contact Bonnie Meadows at 8124824461.

Let the words Jesus spoke to his Apostles rest in our hearts,

“Can’t you spend one hour with me?” When we do spend time

with him Jesus rewards us with a grace and protection that can not

be compared.

I am already amazed of the blessing God has sent for this Chapel.

Many people in the surrounding area have been kind and generous.

I have received many emails, phone calls, notes, and words

of encouragement and thanks from people in the Dubois County

area. Come spend some time with our Lord.


Labor Day

Dear Parishioners,
“Since on the seventh day God was finished with the work He
had been doing, He rested on the seventh day for all the work He
had undertaken” (Genesis 2:2). This weekend our nation celebrates
Labor Day. This holiday provides us the chance to look at
the work we do and give thanks to God for that opportunity.
I am blessed to celebrate the sacraments and minister to people at
some of the most joyous times and some of the most challenging
times in life. If it were not for the priesthood, I would never be
able to be a part of so many people’s lives. I give thanks to God
for my work and my vocation to serve.
Each of you has work which provides the opportunity to accomplish
many different things. Whether it is in the home, office,
factory or farm, we all have been chosen by God, in a particular
way, to use our gifts. I have always noticed the pride people take
in their work. That is definitely a German characteristic! A job
well done is worth more than one done half-heartedly. I admire
that in all of you.
We have the opportunity to also learn from God about our work.
God tells us that, from time to time, we need to take a break. I
have been known to work hard, but I also know that if I do not
rest occasionally it has an effect on my overall performance and
attentiveness to my work. I realize I am preaching to the choir,
as all of you experience this struggle as well.
Lack of rest and relaxation influences our families. If we do not
spend time with our families, we lose touch with each other. So,
share a meal together or just take the time to sit down and talk to
one another. There is no doubt that one of the biggest setbacks in
our society is that we are “so busy” we don’t spend as much time
as we should with our families and loved ones.
On this Labor Day weekend, as we give thanks to God for the
work He has entrusted to us, let’s take the opportunity to spend
some time with those we love and reflect on the blessings that
surround us every day. How blessed we are to live in the United
States of America.
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Gary

Picnic – Thank You

Dear Parishioners,
Thank you to all who made our Picnic a huge success. We
have been praying for God’s grace to bless our Parish Picnic
and he did in many ways. I was humbled by the amount
of workers who have been dedicating long hours the past
several weeks preparing for the Picnic. A special thanks to
the Picnic Booth Chairpersons.
The quilts were beautiful. The Quilting ladies worked hard
all year; thanks for once again turning small scraps into
beautiful pieces of artwork. Once again, the food was
amazing!! My family and the Bishop enjoyed the dinner
and the helpful service you provided.
I also want to thank the entire parish staff, who completes a
lot of behind the scenes work all year. Thanks for your
work making the Picnic another success. No picnic would
be possible without the hundreds of volunteers; to all thank
you and God bless you.
The Picnic is certainly the largest fundraising effort we
have for our parish; however, that is not the only reason to
have a Picnic. It is also to share in fellowship and invite
others to Precious Blood. Throughout last week I saw the
spirit of fellowship that carried through the preparations
and picnic day. I am sure there were little issues here and
there, but I never once heard a volunteer complain. I firmly
believe that God answered our prayers. It was a fun and
dynamic Picnic. Without dedicated parishioners we would
not have had similar results.
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Gary