Parish Calendar

January 24                                                     Deadline to nominate for St. Maria Goretti Youth Distinction Award

January 25, 7:00 p.m                                 The Bash – Holy Trinity ‘s “Dinner by the Bite” – Dinner & Dancing

February 2, 2020                                         Confirmation

February 8-9                                                Welcome Women’s Weekend (CRHP)

February 24, 2020                                      All Campus Mass with Bishop Siegel

February 25                                                   Ladies Sodality Mardi Gras Celebration

March 7, 8:00-2:30                                   You’re Worth It! Day retreat for Women

March 7-8                                                      Welcome Men’s Weekend (CRHP)

May 3, 2020                                                   First Communion

May 15                                                              Holy Trinity Jeep Raffle Drawing at Jasper Outdoor Recreation

June 8-12                                                        Vacation Bible School