Parish Life

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The purpose of this committee is to welcome new parishioners to the Precious Blood community. All newcomers are visited and welcomed. During visits the committee members answer any questions regarding the community and give them information about the parish. Committee members also deliver a dessert prepared by women of our parish.

The Cub Scout program is for all boys in the first through fifth grades. Scouting is based on the principles of loving and serving God, human dignity, the rights of individuals and the development and use of one’s potential.

Boys as well as parents are encouraged to become involved in scouting.

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The Precious Blood School Parish sponsors three Girl Scout groups. The Daisy Scouts are for children of kindergarten age. The Brownies include girls in the first, second and third grades while the Girl Scouts are for the fourth, fifth and sixth grades.

Women of the parish volunteer as leaders to present an educational and enjoyable program for the youth. All young girls interested in Scouting are encouraged to participate.

This club is open to all men registered in the parish who are over eighteen years of age.  All men are welcome and encouraged to participate.  Annual membership is $5.00

The club meets every three months for a short meeting followed by refreshments and a social gathering.

The Precious Blood Men’s Club is a Catholic organization that provides an atmosphere for fostering Christian fellowship and a sense of community among the men of Precious Blood Parish aimed at strengthening family life in our parish.

The Ladies Sodality’s responsibility is the spiritual and material support of the Church.

All women of Precious Blood beyond high school age are eligible and encouraged to be members. Annual membership dues are $5.00. Officers are elected to serve two year terms.

The Sodality has three meetings each year, held in February, May, and December.