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Precious Blood parishioners are asked to prayerfully consider making a gift to the Diocese of Evansville Catholic Parishes Campaign.  While our parish has a weekly collection to fund our ministries and operations, the diocese does not have that same opportunity.  Hence, this appeal is held once each year and all parishes of the diocese are asked for financial support, which is crucial to the ministries and operations of the local Church, which is the Diocese of Evansville.

Contributing to the Catholic Parishes Campaign is one way in which we not only share from the abundant gifts given to us by God, but also provides active and meaningful participation in the local Church – The Diocese of Evansville.  Your gift enables the diocese to continue the work of Our Lord for and with the people of God in southwest Indiana.

Your gift to the Catholic Parishes Campaign helps fulfill the sacramental, spiritual, and lifelong faith formation needs of thousands of Catholics in our diocese.

The people who lead the ministries, and the beneficiaries of these ministries, are our neighbors and friends, Catholics who share the love of Jesus and the love of Church. Our diocese brings together our people in faith to love and serve the Lord.

The Diocese of Evansville continues to carry out the work of our Lord. Our mission as members of our parish, our diocese, and the broader Church universal, is to build the Kingdom of God. One important way we do this is through our financial support of the mission and ministries of our diocese as we continue to SEEK HIM, KNOW HIM, SERVE HIM, and LOVE HIM.

Chairperson: Kent Reyling – 812-630-4512

In 2020 the Cash Bonanza was replaced with a 52 Week Cash Raffle.  Tickets are sold for $52 each.  Every week a drawing will be held for $500.  You can win more than once since your ticket gets put back in for the next drawing.

Chairperson: Chad Uebelhor – 812-482-3959



The Precious Blood Picnic is held on the third Sunday of August. All parishioners are needed to help in making this important event not only a financial success, but also a time to bring our parish family together. The picnic offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities for all parishioners to use their talents.

Chairpersons:    Chad Hurm – 812-630-0968 or,
Sue & Greg Schmidt – 812-639-1519 or


The Quilters make many quilts every year for the Quilt-of-the-Month Club and the quilt stand at the church picnic in August.

Quilt tops are made by ladies who donate their time and talent in their homes. The tops are quilted by women during group quilting sessions held in the Parish Center basement on Monday evenings and Wednesday afternoons from September through June. On the last Wednesday of the month, an all day quilting session is held. Some parishioners choose to quilt in their homes.

Lunches for the group sessions are provided by other parishioners. Donations to the quilting activity are used to purchase materials for these works of arts.

Madelyn Hulsman – 812-482-3838
Brenda Edwards – 812-482-9871 or

Many quilts are made for the parish every year. Twelve of those quilts are selected based on outstanding patterns, color, workmanship and variety to be Quilt-of-the-Month quilts.

Fifteen hundred tickets are sold at $15.00 per ticket. Each ticket gives the buyer a chance to win at one of the twelve monthly drawings beginning in January.

Tickets are available at the beginning of November to the past ticket holders. Sellers have a list of those who bought tickets previously and those buyers are given first chance to buy tickets again. A few extra tickers are normally available for interested persons.

Chairperson: Linda Gerber – 812-630-5027 or

This Endowment is the vehicle by which the donor can make a lasting contribution toward the continuation of the Precious Blood Church.

Gifts contributed to the Endowment are for the irrevocable Precious Blood Church Fund. These assets are permanently invested so that only the earnings can be used to subsidized the future costs related to the operation of the Precious Blood Church.

This is a parish fundraiser on the first weekend in December. Parishioners donate cookies for a “cookie walk”, and homemade pies, rolls, noodles, craft items, Christmas decorations, raffle items and more.

Volunteers are needed at scheduled times prior to the bazaar for set up and to help operate the bazaar the first weekend in December.

The bazaar is advertised and open to the public.

Chairpserson: Mary Jo Hart – 812-634-7829 or

This Precious Blood ministry is guided by the spirit of St. Nicholas to help others during his celebrated feast day and the most blessed season of the year. Members of Precious Blood parish gather together the first weekend of December, to prepare and sell homemade lasagnas and homemade apple pies. The funds from this ministry are used for parish family and community needs. These funds also will be used to help build a home for a family in a third world country.