Parish Updates

Dear Family,

It has been a busy past few months. The parish has been blessed by quite a few wonderful celebrations whether it is Easter, First Communion, or graduations. Summer is a special time of the year where one takes time to enjoy the beauty all around due to the goodness of the Creator.

I want to say a big thank you to Bill Krempp as he finishes his service on the Finance Council. Bill has served as president of the Finance Council for many years and was instrumental in guiding the parish in its stewardship of its resources. He helped to navigate the parish through both calm and rough waters. I am so appreciative of his heart of service and love for the parish.

I received a good amount of nominations for parish council. Thank you to all who either nominated others or even put one’s own name in for nomination. These names are taken to the parish council, and then discerned as to who the Spirit might be calling to fill that role. Those nominated will be contacted to see if they would be willing to serve.

There will be a picnic this year. I want to say thank you to Mary Jo Hart for her service as picnic chairperson for many years. Mary Jo decided to stay on for a few more years once I got here to Precious Blood. I was appreciative of her willingness to stay on a little longer, and her many years of loving service. This year I am the acting picnic chairperson. My goal is to gain a better understanding of the details of how the picnic operates. I appreciate all the help I can get to make the picnic work this year. I am open to whatever creative ideas everyone has.

Much is being planned for the upcoming year. Stay tuned for more creative ideas and spiritual adventures at the parish in the coming year.

In His Most Precious Blood,

Fr. Brian