Parish Strategic Survey

Precious Blood Parish Strategic Survey

The purpose of this survey is to encourage and give every parishioner of Precious Blood Parish the opportunity to provide their input in developing the Strategic Plan for YOUR Parish. This will help us answer the 3 central questions:

⦁ Where are we as a Catholic Church parish?
⦁ Where do we want to go?
⦁ How do we get there?

We are gaining input to help our parish leadership examine future possibilities and establish a defined direction of vision for the parish. When adopted, it will serve as our roadmap, guiding development and growth of Precious Blood Parish. The purpose of this effort is to make a positive IMPACT on the Parish by planning and creating change and growth versus reacting to change. Please assist us with this effort by completing the survey below.

We do ask that you review and update your parish data sheet and return that to the parish. When you return that, we will assume that you have also completed a survey form and also returned that. This will keep your survey anonymous (if you desire) and prevent us from sending you another copy of the survey.