Pastor’s Corner

Fr. Jim’s Message

Dear All,

Thank you for your attendance this past week at our Parish Mission with Fr. Jim. His message was simple: Don’t be a jerk, be kind and honor the absent (don’t talk about others when they are not there.) So yes, I want to begin a campaign of my own. Be kind! Live and believe the Golden Rule. (I approve of this message.) Here is my simple challenge to all of you. Over the next month, I challenge you to acts of mercy and charity to others. When you have done an act write it down and simply put it in the basket at the front of the Altar. This is a reminder of our offering to God. Fr. Jim spoke about ownership vs. stewardship. Ownership we feel we own things. Stewardship we recognize all is a gift from God. I will add that in being a good steward, we should care for those things that we are given so that the next person to enjoy them will enjoy the same gift we received. Actually, I try to see if I can improve those things in my life so the next person gets to enjoy even more. Stewardship is more than money. It is our time and talent. Be present to those in your life. God gave them to you, but some day he will call them home. Love them and enjoy the time you share. Help others and share your gifts. I have always said and firmly believe every person is a genius. All have an amazing talent. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to discover, but all have something to share. If it is as simple as your presence now, that is a gift—being in the present moment share it with others.



Fr. Gary

Parish Mission – Fr. Jim Sichko

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This week we welcome Fr. Jim Sichko. Fr Jim is a full time preacher, evangelist and motivational speaker based in the Diocese of Lexington, KY. In February of 2016, Pope Francis commissioned Fr. Jim as one of his Papal Missionaries of Mercy of which there are only 1000 in the world, and 100 in the United States. Since becoming a priest, Fr. Jim has made headlines for random acts of generosity and kindness, giving away thousands of dollars to people at the grocery stores, on the streets and especially to those most in need. He has also had the opportunity to meet and work with many celebrities and was honored by the U.S. Congress for the ministry provided to him. Fr. Jim uses real life experiences and ties those experiences into the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Known for his presentations entitled “60 minutes for Jesus”, each talk is geared for all in a family household with no exceptions. I encourage all of you to come to our Parish Mission and be inspired by Fr. Jim. As I mentioned at this past weekend’s Masses, Fr. Jim has spoken at several parishes in the surrounding area, Below are a few quotes from area Priests about Fr. Jim’s talks. “You will love his personal stories and his entertaining ways. Fr. Jim’s missions had the highest attendance of any parish missions I have been a part of in my time as a priest.” – Fr. Eugene Schmitt, St. Isidore Parish. “I have never seen that many people in our church before! Father Jim was able to touch the hearts of so many people, both young and old, with a simple, yet profound message of God’s love and mercy. You won’t want to miss his mission and make sure you bring your children. They will love it!” – Fr. Tony Ernst, Sts. Peter & Paul and St. James in Haubstadt, and Holy Cross in Fort Branch. Let’s all share our Precious Blood hospitality and make Fr. Jim feel welcome in our Parish. I look forward to seeing you at the talks in Church November 4th through the 6th at 6:30-7:30 p.m.

God bless your week.

Fr. Gary

Deacon Mike

From the Deacon

Dear Parishioners,

As a newly assigned deacon to Precious Blood parish, I would

like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Michael Jones. I live in Loogootee with my

wife, Nancy. We have been married 29 years and have two adult

children, Molly and Luke; two grandchildren, Rayden and Mia; and a

son-in-law, Ryan.  I also have four sisters, one of whom is

deceased, and two older brothers. I was ordained a deacon in

August 2003.

For the past 15 years I have worked as both a hospital

and hospice chaplain. Prior to that I worked in parish ministry and for

various governmental and not-for-profit entities.   But it is

chaplaincy that has defined me. Serving the sick and dying has

taught me much about what it means to be a human being created

in the image and likeness of God. They have taught me that life is

a gift, that it is sacred, and that all human beings are endowed

with great dignity and honor.

Ministering to the spiritual needs of the sick and dying

has been both fulfilling and humbling. It has taught me that, despite

all my formal education and training, I know very little. It

has taught me that I need to travel lightly through life, that less is

more, that I need to hold my beliefs and judgments tentatively.

For the moment I think I have things figured out, the minute I

think I know the mind of God, God surprises and reminds me that

God’s ways are not our ways and that God’s wisdom surpasses

our limited, human understanding.

There are two truths that guide me on my spiritual journey:

God is Love and God is Mystery. These are the two basic

truths that lead me forward and light my path. I have learned that

if I trust, God will take me where I need to go and give me what I

need to become the person I was created to be.

Thank you for accepting me into your parish. I will

strive to be a humble servant.


Deacon Mike