Parish Council Minutes

Dear Family,

I would like to thank the parish council for their energy and work over the past months. There are many things that are gaining momentum in the parish. There are quite a few things that have been growing on a daily basis. I am hearing more and more new ideas. This is all the work of the Holy Spirit. A new initiative that is beginning is to include a summary of the parish council minutes in the bulletin. They have been included in this bulletin. I encourage everyone to look over the summary of the minutes, and to become a part of the growing conversation.

Another new thing that will appear in the next few weeks will be “Investment Opportunities” in the bulletin. This was a tradition in our bulletin during Fr. Joe Kane’s time at the parish. There will be an initiative, need, or item in the bulletin that anyone will be free to donate to, if one is interested in that item.

The calling that Jesus gives to each of us is to become a disciple and follow him. This means listening to the Spirit and taking the initiative. It means for each of us to answer the call of Jesus to be a spiritual leader in a world that desperately needs his salvation more than ever.

In His Most Precious Blood,

Fr. Brian