Valentine’s Day

Dear Precious Blood Family,

On Thursday we will celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. There are a
lot of legends around this holiday and its patron. The point I want
us to focus on is Love. On Thursday there will be millions of
cards, flowers, and chocolate sent to loved ones. Many couples
will go out for dinner. All are nice gestures but love, real love
does not always look so pretty.

Last weekend when I spoke about the second reading from first
Corinthians; I mentioned it is a popular reading selected by couples. I said love isn’t always easy. A man in the congregation
responded AMEN! I loved it. I loved that he responded, the
interaction, and most of all we could be real and talk about the
challenges in life.

Some relationships end and the break up can be painful not only
for the couple but also for those around them. I think the greatest
love story is that of Christ and the Church. It was from there we
learn that love requires sacrifice. Love invites us to be humble, as
the first book of Corinthians states “love is not boastful.”
Relationships come in all forms not just married couples. There
is also that relationship between parents and child. Friends are
another great source of love and support. God called us to love
Him above all and to love our neighbor as our self. So, on this
Valentine’s day I am challenging all of us to not only
acknowledge those who are close to us, but all people in our lives.

This Valentine’s Day let us share love by being kind, not judging,
doing something extra for others and giving thanks to our God.
At the end of this day, please spend a moment to let God know
you are grateful for all those He brought into your life and that
you Love God. May this Valentine’s Day bring you happiness,
peace and the awareness that you are loved by God and by your

Love Always,

Fr. Gary