Strategic Plan Survey & Registration Update

Dear Parishioners,

On the weekend of Jan. 12-13 we will be conducting our
Parish Strategic Plan Survey and Registration Update for all
parishioners. Please plan on getting to Mass early that
weekend, pick up your family envelope in the gathering
area along with any additional individual surveys, and
begin reviewing and filling out before Mass. We will also
be allotting time after the homily to complete as well as in
Endress Hall over coffee and donuts afterward. If you are
not at Precious Blood that weekend, the packet will be
mailed to you. The survey will also be available on the
web site. Our goal is to verify your registration information
for our records and give every parishioner (ages 14 and
above) the opportunity to provide their input in developing
the future for YOUR Parish. This will help us answer 3
central questions:
Where are we as a Catholic Church parish?
Where do we want to go?
How do we get there?
The input we get from all parishioners will help our parish
leadership examine future possibilities and establish a defined direction of vision for the parish. When adopted, it
will serve as our roadmap, guiding development and
growth of Precious Blood Parish.
Note: The registration update will serve as our means of
follow-up with everyone. When you return that, we will
also assume that you have completed a survey (which can
be submitted anonymously). The survey will also be available on the Parish web site.

Kent Reyling