Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross –

From the early beginning of the Church people would travel
to Jerusalem and other places associated with our Lord’s
Passion. Upon their visit they would trace the path Christ
took. Through the years it has become a popular devotion
to “walk the Passion with Christ.” Along the journey people would stop at places of significance and offer prayers
and take time for reflection.
The Devotion of the Stations of the Cross can be made at
any time and place. Often people will visit a church, chapel
or shrine and walk from station to station. This devotion
has particular meaning during this time of Lent as we anticipate the Lord’s Passion during Holy Week. The Passion
reminds us of not only Christ’s cross, but also our own
crosses in life. Often, we can have people in our lives that
help us like Mary and Veronica or there are others who
taunt and lead us down a wrong path. The passion reminds
us of the great pressure Jesus was under to “let the cup
pass”, but he followed the will of God and it is through His
resurrection we have HOPE.
In Churches across the world Stations of the Cross are celebrated to help us recall, to inspire us to keep up the good
fight of faith and to draw closer to Jesus through his Passion. During Lent we celebrate the Stations on Fridays also
at 6:30 p.m. Please join us as we walk the path of Christ’s

Fr. Gary