Respect For Life

Dear Parishioners,
On January 22nd in 1973 Roe vs. Wade was decided. When people
hear Respect for Life I feel they often think of abortion but Respect for Life is this and so much more.

This issue is one that is close to my heart. When I was born I was
a “preemie.” I was two moths premature. After my birth, I was
placed into an incubator. The technology was rather new in 1970.
In all fairness not everyone understood how things worked and
certainly many were not accustomed to caring for such a small
baby. One nurse assumed that I was dead and so she shut the oxygen off. When the other staff members found me, I was purple in
color. You see, we should not make assumptions in life. It is not
for us to make that type of decision, who appears to be full of life
and who does not.

As Catholics we believe in following the Divine Will of God.
The many different areas of this includes Natural Family Planning, accepting children that God has given to both their mothers
and fathers, respecting people who have disabilities, opposing the
death penalty and allowing people to die without the use of extraordinary means.

The next few weeks, I plan to write articles focusing on some of
these issues to educate all of us on the view of the Church. Bottom line, we believe in Natural Law, the way God designed creation. In living out our faith we must defend the rights given by
God. Everyone should have the right to live and defend their life
when attacked either verbally or physically.
Please keep in prayer our civic leaders, all who defend life and
those who work to save lives. I challenge all to think how they
treat their neighbor. Blessings to all of you.

Fr. Gary