Pentecost Sunday

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As one of the most important solemnities on the Church’s calendar, it has a rich depth of meaning, but here is how Pope Benedict summarized it in 2012: “This Solemnity makes us remember and relive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles and the other disciples gathered in prayer with the Virgin Mary in the Upper Room (cf. Acts 2:1-11). Jesus, risen and ascended into Heaven, sent his Spirit to the Church so that every Christian might participate in his own divine life and become his valid witness in the world. The Holy Spirit, breaking into history, and opens hearts to hope, stimulates and fosters in us an interior maturity in our relationship with God and with our neighbor.”

As we celebrate the Church today, I encourage all of you to share stories with one another with loved ones, family, and friends of those times when you made sacrifices for your faith.

Today we need community and we need inspiration from the Saints and from our brothers and sisters who make up the Church.  As we return and build back our Church from Stay at Home conditions, stories that inspire will help us combat those moments of doubt and fear.  Repeated throughout the New Testament is the phrase “Do not be afraid.” Now is the time for us to dig deep within and live out our faith.

As I look to the history of our Community of faith, I think of the men and women who sacrificed and literally built our Church.  The clergy and laity working together to pass on the treasure of our faith.  Share your story and those who inspired you.  One example that inspires me is the sacrifices that Fr. Endress made to build Precious Blood.  Today, I am sure he must be moved with joy at our beautiful Parish Campus which we have expanded and continue to maintain while the number of parishioners that continue to receive the Sacraments continues to grow. Come O Holy Spirit and fill the hearts of the Faithful.

Fr. Gary