Gaudete Sunday (third Sunday of Advent)

Dear Parishioners,

Sunday following Mass, a parishioner spoke to me about a discussion he had at the beginning of Mass with his daughter. The cantor announced that it was the second Sunday of Advent. Then his daughter leaned over to him and said you know what that means, with a smile on her face. She said next week Father wears pink.

Gaudete Sunday is celebrated on the third Sunday of Advent. The word Gaudete means rejoice, it reminds us to be joyful in this time of preparing for the coming of our Lord. The season of Advent originated of forty days in preparation for Christmas. On this Sunday the liturgical color is Rose, most of the children like to tease the priests that it is pink. I don’t care what you call it pink/rose, all I know is that it reminds us to rejoice, the Lord is near. Gaudete Sunday signifies that we are midway through the season and signifies the nearness of the Lord’s coming. Gaudete Sunday is further marked by a new Invitatory, the Church no longer inviting the faithful to adore merely “The Lord who is to come,” but calling upon them to worship with joy “The Lord who is now nigh and close at hand”.

The spirit of the Liturgy all through Advent is one of expectation and preparation for the Christmas feast as well as for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Gary