Following Commands

Dear Parish Family,

Jesus reminds us in the Gospel that those who love Him will follow the will of the Father and follow His commands.  During this time, we have many opportunities to love God and our neighbor.  Students completed their schoolwork; those who move from one stage in life to the next usually would have milestone celebrations.  Most have been creative and honored them in unique ways.  As we BEGIN to return to public worship, many of our beloved Parish remain at home to protect themselves and others.

This is a unique opportunity that will test our patience and provide an opportunity to show charity to others.  When we first began this stay at home process, I stated that I felt God is speaking to us and we need to listen.  The commands remain the same. The most important to Love God above all and to love our neighbor as our self. I ask and pray that all of us will breathe and do all we can slow down to show charity to others as we begin to worship and interact in new and different ways.  Know of my love and prayers for all of you.

Fr. Gary