First Communion Sunday

Dear Parishioners,

This Sunday we will celebrate First Holy Communion. Can you recall Your First Holy Communion? Do you recall how special it was to join the rest of your family to receive Communion?  I barely recall the Communion Rail and desiring to go with my family as they received Jesus.

When I did receive the Eucharist, I knew I was special. I recall getting dressed up and seeing so many family and friends. We took our picture in front of St. John’s Church.  The events reminded this was special and I was as well.  All these young boys and girls are special as well. I invite you to congratulate them on receiving their First Communion. It is through the Eucharist that they too are nourished and given grace through the Holy Spirit.

Certainly, it has taken years for me to develop and deepen my devotion and understanding of the Holy Eucharist.  We believe, as Catholics, in the real presence of Christ.  I have read books and listened to many theologians but life experience is what always makes a greater impact.  I began receiving the Eucharist daily when I was 29.  Quickly I understood what it gave me, life.  As things became crazy at work and I began working 60 + hours, daily Mass left and it didn’t take long for me to understand what I was missing.  I felt like spiritually I was trying to breathe without oxygen.  To this day I am a daily communicant, yes even on vacations.  My holy hour is something I need to claim and guide me each week.  If you haven’t been to the adoration chapel, go visit it.

These young people will receive Jesus, literally, for the first time.  Let us celebrate and lift them up in prayer as they experience this unique encounter with Jesus.

Yours in Christ,

Father Gary