CPC Thank You

Dear Parishioners,

I wanted to thank all of you for the response for the CPC
campaign this year. We did achieve our assessed goal in
pledges with 73% participation from the Parish. Any funds
collected beyond our assessed amount will be returned to
the Parish and help with our regular operating expenses.

As part of the Diocese, Precious Blood is able to provide
the benefits we have for our staff, otherwise we would not
be able to do so. This year the Catholic School Office did a
regular review of our safety practices to ensure the safety of
our children. Along with our Sheriff, they toured the facilities
and made suggestions on how we could strengthen our
safety policies. Regularly our Parish office is in contact
with the Catholic Center. Their assistance allows us to
complete our tasks here at Precious Blood in an efficient

Some can give and some can’t, however we all benefit from
the services the Diocese provides to us throughout the year.
Some parishes can contribute and others are challenged, but
we all pull together and help the Church offer its ministry to
all who are in need. Thank you for your participation and
support. You all make not only Precious Blood a special
parish but your help makes our Diocese special as well.

God Bless you.

Fr. Gary