Congratulations Graduates!

Dear Parishioners,

This weekend, we have a Mass and meal for the High School Graduates at Precious Blood. The tradition has gone on for years and is a way for us to honor our parishioners who are going to begin a new stage in their lives. Some will go to college; some may stay here in the area and begin work and maybe even a family. Others may learn a trade, while some may decide on a life in the armed services. Some may be discerning a vocation to Priesthood or Religious Life. To each of them, the future is ahead and filled with many different opportunities. I encourage each one to become the best version of yourself and that is an authentic one, the being who God created you to be. To the parents of the graduates, teachers, and all who helped educate and form these young people, I thank you from the depths of my heart and soul. The graduates this year are filled with talent and skill. They demonstrate good manners and etiquette. Several of them assist around the Altar in various ministries. We have encouraged them to get involved in their parish; we have empowered them to make a difference and they have! This year, it was an honor to work with our seniors. I was able to witness the great men and women our parishioners have become. As a Pastor, I am overjoyed at the solid foundation they have in their Catholic faith. What a joy it is for me to watch people grow in their nature, becoming the person God called them to become. Already this weekend the famous graduation parties begin. I will go to as many as time permits. We are so proud of each one of our graduates. Please join me and pray for them. Graduates keep striving; never, and I mean never, accept mediocrity. Bloom where (God) life plants you and make the most of the life given to you. Blessings and God love you.

Yours in Christ,

Father Gary