Christmas Time

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I wish all of you God’s blessing, at this time. Christmas is a special time for us. It is a time to recognize the love and goodness of God; a time to know that Christ has come among us; a time to remember that God now shares the same joys and sorrows that we do; a time to rejoice in the hope of eternal life that Jesus brings to each of us.

I pray that all of you have the opportunity, to spend time with your loved ones and let them know you love them. Always know that I love you.

As I reflect upon the new life Christ brought into our world, emotions of joy and gratitude well up within. I am so thankful to all who make our sanctuary look beautiful. I thank those who share their gift of music to make our liturgies so delightful. I appreciate all those who share their talent in the various ministries in which they assist. Once the Nativity scene is finished being set up, I ask all of you to take a few moments and reflect upon the Nativity and the image of our Lord. May Christ bring peace into your lives during 2019.

Thank you for all the kindness, support, encouragement and generosity you have shown to our parish during 2018. All of you certainly help make Precious Blood to be the vibrant parish it is today. I hope that this Christmas will be the most joyous you have known. May the newborn Christ Child bless you, your families and friends and your homes.

Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to all,

Fr. Gary