Chalice – Fr. Ralph Endress

Dear Family,

I want to thank the family of Fr. Ralph Endress for donating his chalice to Precious Blood, so that it can always be a part of our parish.  The chalice was tarnished from age, and they also had it refurbished.  We have already had the opportunity to use it at mass.  The chalice was given to Fr. Endress at his ordination by his parents, and it is inscribed on the bottom of the chalice.  It is likely the chalice that Fr. Endress used for countless masses over the years here at Precious Blood, from the beginning of the parish.

I will be taking Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off in the following week. There will be no daily mass on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I will be taking some time to rest, and also taking some time for hiking in Hoosier National Forest.  Getting exercise and being out in nature always has a way of refreshing the soul.

In His Most Precious Blood,

Fr. Brian