Dear Parishioners,

Some people have asked me about the advent wreath and
the history behind it. The advent wreath symbolizes our
need to prepare for the one true light.

During Advent, candles decorate the Advent wreath, a
wreath made of evergreen with four candles. Three of them
are purple or violet and one is rose or pink in color. During
each week of Advent, a candle is lit until the fourth week,
when all four are ablaze. The colors of the candles mirror
the color of the vestments of the priest and deacon. Advent
wreaths are used both in churches and in private homes to
remind people to prepare for the coming of our Lord and
honoring His incarnation. We are preparing for the real
reason of Christmas. Jesus is the true light that dispels ignorance
and sin and sheds light upon truth.

Advent is a time for the faithful to prepare spiritually. During
this season, when we often get distracted by shopping,
decorating, baking and partying, we need to leave room for
Jesus in our lives. Advent helps us Catholics to realize that
Christmas day is the real celebration and not before. I must
admit, I need that help. I need the preparation and the opportunity
to focus. I listen to Christmas music rather early.
Sometimes if we celebrate too early, it takes away from the
glory of Christmas.

During Advent, Catholics have various traditions. Typically
they go to confession, some attend daily Mass, and most try
to increase their prayer, practice patience and tolerance,
while the rest of the world gets caught up in distractions
which try to pull us away from the Light of truth, Jesus our
Savior. Maybe you could spend an hour of adoration with
Jesus—we do have a few open hours that could be filled by
regular adorers. Please contact the office for information.
The Little Blue Books are in and can be picked up in the
Parish Office while supplies last. Unwrap the gift of your
faith this holiday season and learn of the love God has for

Fr. Gary