A Note from the Pastor

Dear Family,

I want to welcome Fr Joe Ziliak to the parish to celebrate mass this Saturday evening. I will be celebrating my last wedding in Gibson County. I was also in Princeton last Saturday evening celebrating a wedding.  For the past five months, Fr Joe has helped out, making this transition possible.He has enjoyed his visits to Precious Blood and has enjoyed the community.  I am so thankful for our retired priests. They may be retired, but they are still spiritual leaders and their presence is really a gift.

Christ calls himself “The Rock”.  This is important to remember in the storms of life.  Christ gives us a source of stability when life is uneasy. With the coming together of 2020, Covid 19, winter coldness, isolation, and the intensity of the holidays, there is a renewed call to tap into our source of stability.  If it feels like there is an extra intensity in the air that wasn’t there in August, that is because there is.  It isn’t just the imagination.  Only Jesus Christ provides a refuge from the waves of life.  He always gives rest, relief, and shelter.  Spend some extra time praying with Jesus in the Eucharist.  As we approach Advent in few weeks, that might be a good resolution.

Christ’s Peace,

Fr Brian