Small Glimpse of Me

Dear Family,

I have been here a few weeks, and am starting to feel like I’m getting settled in. This is due in a large part to how kind and welcoming our parish family has been.  I have felt very much at home.  I have appreciated this so much.  It is never easy to move.  It is even a little harder during the wild times we live in.  I am thankful for your patience with me as I adjust to my new home, and as I learn all your names and faces.

I wanted to tell you a little about myself.  I was born and raised in Evansville, Indiana.  I grew up near Good Shepherd Catholic Church on the east side of Evansville.  I have a very small family.  I am an only-child.  My dad is a retired teacher. My mom was a stay-at-home mom.  I grew up in the Methodist Church, going to the Methodist Temple.  I went to Harrison High School.

I joined the Catholic Church my senior year in High School.  My mom ended up joining the church with me.  It was a long journey, with many ups and downs. Yet I felt God calling me to become Catholic. I went to USI where I majored in biology.

In my spiritual journey early on, I always felt I heard a voice calling to me to the priesthood.  It is a voice that is often hard to describe. Yet, I could not ignore it.  After college, I entered St. Meinrad Seminary.  I was ordained a priest eight years ago.

My parents still live in Evansville.  I usually visit them on Monday where they live with my two cats. Personally, I enjoy traveling.  I enjoy being outside.  I usually try to grow a vegetable garden wherever I am assigned.  I will probably try to plant one next spring.  I also enjoy movies, both old and new.  I also enjoy being with people.  I hope this starts to give everyone a small snapshot as to who I am.  I am looking forward to meeting everyone!

Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Brian