Message from Gr. Gary – Guidelines for Returning to Mass

May 13, 2020

RE: Guidelines for the Resumption of Public Masses

  • Broadcast/Livestream  Masses 

Precious Blood will continue to broadcast Masses. We applied for and received a grant for new technology to broadcast the Mass. I hope that the equipment will be installed before we return to Public Worship.

  1. Social distancing protocols as applicable below should be followed.
  • Public Celebration of  Mass 
  1. Individuals 65 and over, as well as those of any age in high risk categories, should stay home.
  2. This includes deacons and other lay liturgical ministers.
    1. Per the CDC, “at-risk” health conditions include but are not limited to: high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, diabetes, severe obesity, asthma, those whose immune system is compromised such as by chemotherapy for cancer and other conditions requiring such therapy.
    2. The faithful are encouraged to bring their own facemasks and wear them inside the church.  (Facemasks should be removed only for the reception of Communion.) Facemasks of limited supply will be provided if parishioners do not have one as they enter the Church.
  3. Parishioners should be seated in every other pew. (Blue tape has been placed to block rows of pews that should be avoided.)
    1. Family units (those who live under the same roof) are permitted to sit together.
    2. The priest celebrant and other ministers should remain six feet apart from the congregation during the Mass (aside for distribution of Holy Communion).
  4. The use of music should be limited to one cantor and one musician, who must remain more than six feet from one another and others.
    1. The cantor should, as much as possible, sing from one place in the church, at least six feet from anyone else.
    2. The Responsorial Psalm may be sung from the cantor stand rather than the ambo.
    3. The use of sung music with refrains, as well as hymns well known to the congregation, along with instrumental accompaniment without singing all should be considered.
    4. Hymnals will not be used due to the difficultly in sanitizing between uses.
    5. The procession at the Preparation of the Gifts will be omitted.
    6. An offertory deposit box is located in front of the covered Baptismal font, allowing parishioners to place tithes before or after Mass.
    7. The Sign of Peace continues to be omitted.
    8. Parishioners will be dismissed, one pew at a time after Mass to ensure there is proper spacing when leaving the church.
    9. There should not be any social gatherings inside or outside of the church before or after the Mass.

Protocols for the Distribution of Holy Communion 

  1. Sacristans must wear a mask and non-latex gloves.
  2. All sacred vessels (Presider’s chalice and ciboriums should be washed/sanitized after each use).
  3. Once prepared they should be placed on the credence table or other space and covered until needed.
  4. Holy Communion from the chalice for the faithful remains suspended until further notice.
  5. There is no need for ministers of Holy Communion to wear gloves.
  6. Hand sanitizer will be placed within reach of where Communion will be distributed.
  7. All Eucharistic Ministers must sanitize before and after distribution of Communion.
  8. Social distancing protocols must be maintained during Communion distribution.
  9. Those who are not receiving Holy Communion for whatever reason should not come forward for a blessing.
  10. Those who wish to remain in their places may do so. They should step out of the pew a safe distance to allow those who are approaching for Communion to pass by and maintain the six-foot distance from each other as they come forward for Holy Communion.